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5 Must-Have Shrugs for Women’s Wardrobe: Matwali Styles to Invest in Now!

5 Must-Have Shrugs for Women’s Wardrobe: Matwali Styles to Invest in Now!

Matwali shrugs are a must-have style for every woman's wardrobe, offering a quick style boost for various occasions. From classic shrugs that add a touch of sophistication to long-line shrugs perfect for a sleek, modern look, this guide will explore the different types of body shrugs that every woman needs this year. Discover the versatility of Matwali’s women’s shrugs and how they can transform your outfits.

Whether complementing a casual day look or transforming an evening dress, the right shrug can make a significant difference. With options ranging from cozy, knitted types to elegant, flowing designs, learn about the must-have styles, including classic shrugs and long-line shrugs, and how to style them for maximum impact.

  • Classic Shrugs

Classic shrugs are one of the must-have Matwali styles for every woman's wardrobe, offering versatility and style. These essential body shrugs work beautifully across a variety of settings, from office environments to casual outings, providing both comfort and a polished look.

Styling Guide for Classic Shrugs:

  • Formal Touch

Layer a classic shrug over a dress to add warmth and a sophisticated look for formal events.

  • Casual Combo

Pair a classic shrug with a t-shirt and jeans for a simple yet fashionable outfit suitable for everyday wear.

  • Office Style

Use a classic shrug over a blouse and skirt for a smart and comfortable office ensemble.

  • Evening Outfit

Match a classic shrug with an evening gown for a cozy, stylish look at nighttime events.

  • Long-line shrugs

Long-line shrugs are a must-have body shrug that adds a contemporary flair to any woman's clothing collection. This women's shrug is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of sophistication and added coverage. Long-line shrugs are ideal for layering over both casual and dressy outfits, providing both style and practicality.

Styling Guide for Long-Line Shrugs:

  • Layering

Pair a long-line shrug with a longer dress or a tunic for a seamless look that adds depth and interest.

  • Boost Your Basics

Transform a basic tank top and leggings combo into a polished ensemble with a sleek long-line shrug.

  • Workplace Style

Transform your office attire by draping a long-line shrug over a fitted blouse and trousers for a smart and chic appearance.

  • Comfort Meets Style

For a relaxed weekend, layer a long-line shrug over a maxi dress or a jumpsuit to stay comfortable while looking stylish.

  • Asymmetrical shrugs

Asymmetrical shrugs are another type of body shrug that women should have. It brings a unique and modern twist to the classic shrug. These shrugs are perfect for women looking to add a dynamic and stylish element to their outfits, offering an offbeat charm that sets them apart.

Styling Guide for Asymmetrical Shrugs:

  • Dress

Drape an asymmetrical shrug over a simple dress to introduce an intriguing visual contrast and a fresh silhouette.

  • Casual Flair

Combine an asymmetrical shrug with jeans and a fitted top for a casual look that stands out.

  • Office Style

Layer an asymmetrical shrug over a sleeveless top and tailored pants for a business look that's both comfortable and fashionable.

  • Evening Out

Match an asymmetrical shrug with a sleek skirt or evening trousers for a sophisticated yet unconventional appearance at social events.

  • Printed Floral shrug

Printed floral shrugs are another must-have style for every woman, infusing a vibrant and lively touch into any wardrobe. These colorful floral shrugs for women are perfect for adding a burst of cheer and a hint of nature's beauty to your outfits, making them ideal for ladies looking to brighten up their style.

Styling Guide for Printed Floral Shrugs

  • Spring and Summer Style

Wear a printed floral shrug from Matwali over a sundress or a light blouse and shorts to embody the spirit of warmer seasons.

  • Transform Basic Outfits

Elevate a plain tank top and jeans by layering on a floral shrug for a quick and easy style upgrade.

  • Work-Ready Look

Pair a subtle Matwali floral shrug with a solid-colored sheath dress or a blouse and pencil skirt combo for a touch of playfulness in your professional attire.

  • Evening Refresh

Match a floral shrug with a monochrome evening dress to add color and interest to your evening look without being overpowering.

  • Colorblocked Shrugs

Colorblocked women’s shrugs are a stylish must-have for every woman, offering a bold and modern twist on traditional shrug designs. These shrugs are perfect for women who appreciate standout pieces that can elevate their fashion game with minimal effort.

Styling Guide for Colorblocked Dual-Tone Shrugs

  • Vibrant Style

Layer a color-blocked shrug over any neutral outfit, such as a white tee and black pants. It will make the colors pop and add visual interest.

  • Office Chic

Integrate a dual-tone shrug with professional attire like a blouse and tailored trousers to inject some personality into your work wardrobe.

  • Casual Outings

Enhance a simple weekend look by throwing a color-blocked Matwali shrug over a casual dress or denim jeans for an effortlessly stylish appearance.

  • Evening Charm 

Combine a sleek color-blocked shrug with a solid-colored cocktail dress to create a striking yet sophisticated look for evening events.

Shrugs are a must-have for every woman's wardrobe, providing a versatile range of styles to transform any woman's outfit. Whether it's the elegance of classic and floral shrugs for women, the modern appeal of long-line and asymmetrical designs, or the boldness of color-blocked patterns, there's a shrug to suit every event and personal taste. These essential pieces are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication or a splash of color, making them indispensable for women seeking to refine their style effortlessly.

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