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Beyond Basic: 5 Co-ord Sets Outfits Idea to Ace Your 9-to-5 Fashion Game

Beyond Basic: 5 Co-ord Sets Outfits Idea to Ace Your 9-to-5 Fashion Game

Attention all the amazing independent women out there! Now, it’s high time to show off your unique personality and fashion sense in the business world. Get ready, Matwali is about to share their hidden gems in co-ord sets outfits for all the courageous independent women out there. 

Matwali co-ord sets outfits are a blend of charm and a touch of floral prints, which are specially designed for the modern career-oriented woman. Get ready to slay at your workplace with our co-ord sets outfits to feel confident. Here are the top 5 fashion-trend outfits for working women.

Cotton Blend Printed Co-Ord Set

Matwali’s women’s cotton blend print comes with a long-sleeved blazer top and full-length pants, making it one of the best-selling products. It is perfect for women to style with confidence. This co-ord set is a blend of style and fashion, curated specially for working women without compromising comfort. Its flowery floral prints offer a powerful feminine statement at the workplace.

Collared Self-Allover Printed Co-Ord Set

This collared self-allover print comes with a full-sleeve straight shirt and a full-length pant. Its vibrant geometric prints offer a charming vibe, and the collared self-allover offers a touch of refinement, which makes it a great choice for professional and social events. The premium fabric makes it a perfect balance of style and comfort.

Botanical Printed Top With Pant Co-Ord Set

Matwali botanical printed top with pant co-ord is another best-selling product. The botanical prints symbolize femininity. Immerse yourself in the beautifully crafted botanical prints that embrace and celebrate individuality.

Cotton Blend Sleeveless Co-ord Set

Introducing Matwali’s cotton blend printed sleeveless top and full-length trouser co-ord set. Its beauty and feminine grace in the maroon color make it an ideal choice for professional women. Its durable and breathable fabrics make it a perfect choice for the 9-to-5 fashion game.

Bandhani Printed Cotton Kurti and Pant Co-ord Set

Explore the bandhani-printed cotton kurta and pant co-ord set. Its pink-colored kurta and pants are a beautiful combination of fashion and comfort. That captivating print over the kurta and pants makes it the must-have co-ord set in the women’s wardrobe. 

In conclusion, browse our official website for more such co-ord set outfit ideas for professional women. These co-ord sets are ready-to-slay at the workplace, which does not require extensive outfit planning. Click here to browse our latest collection of co-ord sets for fashionistas and working women. 

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