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How to sport the floral trend: A step-by-step guide from Matwali

How to sport the floral trend: A step-by-step guide from Matwali

Floral patterns for women are a trend that never goes out of fashion. Be it spring or summer, floral patterns come with new charm and beauty that feel fresh. The reason why floral designs are popular is because they are adaptable, which makes them ready to wear floral outfits for every event and occasion. 

Matwali floral prints and patterns are the latest fashion trend in 2024. The floral prints bring a variety of floral dresses for women, such as co-ord sets with ethnic motifs, elegant jumpsuits, glamorous shrugs, floral shorts, and floral tops for women. This blog is a guide to styling floral charm.

Top 7 Tips to Style Florals by Matwali

Understand the Floral Prints

Floral prints and patterns come in lots of variety. There are different colors, shapes, patterns, and sizes; some of them are small and simple, and others come with big and bold patterns. So choose the floral prints according to the occasion and event. These floral patterns can change the look and feel.

Style the Floral Prints Jumpsuits

One can style floral jumpsuits with simple accessories, sandals, and simple jewelry. Additionally, women can also choose a blazer for special occasions. For a casual outing style, pair the floral print jumpsuit with a denim jacket.

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Mix and Match with Floral Design Co-ord Sets

Print patterns on Co-ord sets, which blend perfectly if styled with colorful accessories that match one of the colors of your floral outfit. Choose a belt, shoes, and bag that match the floral prints, which enhance the overall look of the floral outfit.

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Styling a floral shrug

One can style the Matwali floral shrug with a plain, solid color outfit. For warm weather, light floral shrugs work well. Similarly, for colder days,  thicker floral pattern shrugs work well.

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Floral Shirts and Tops

Matwali floral shirts and tops are an ideal floral outfit choice to look special every day. To add more detail, these can be styled with denim jeans or pants and skirts for special occasions.

The Feminine Style of Floral Dresses

Women looking for a perfect look for work and weekends must opt for floral dresses with flower prints. For a day at work, a light floral print dress works well, and for summer weekends, a floral dress with simple flat shoes and a handbag is ideal.

Consider the season

Light or botanical floral prints are perfect for spring and summer, while darker and bolder floral prints are best for the winter.

Consider the color palettes

Consider considering the color palettes to complement the colors. Ensure the floral outfit looks good, and choose a congruent color that matches well with your floral outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Are floral prints classy?

Ans: Floral prints and patterns at Matwali are the ideal choice for everything. From a casual day outing to a formal day, our feminine charm of floral prints makes it perfect to wear for any occasion and season.

Q.2 What are the complementary colors in floral design?

Ans: The complementary colors for floral designs are blue and orange, green and red, and violet and yellow. Use these complementary pairs to enhance the look of the floral outfit.

Q.3 Are floral prints trending?

Ans: Matwali floral patterns and prints are a new fashion trend that never goes out of style in any season. Our botanical floral print designs are the symbol of new beginnings and growth, which blend completely with the spring and summer seasons.

Q.4 How do I wear floral patterns?

Ans: There are many stylish ways to mix and match floral patterns. Firstly, choose a floral print that fits the style and complements the skin tone. After that, balance it with the floral print outfit with a solid-colored garment that offers the touch of a flower. Additionally, women can blend floral patterns with similar colors.

The floral outfits by Matwali have become a trend today. These floral print dresses blend with the spirit of spring and summer. These floral tops for women always stay in style and are perfect to make every day special.

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